gaming mice

Cleaning of a computer mouse

Most of the people go on to neglect the cleaning of gaming mice. They only tend to choose it when it does become a major necessity and they figure out that they are in trouble. The moment it stops to function you figure out more trouble appears to be in store. If the computer mouse appears to be full of dirt it would not go on to operate well.  On the screen the cursor that would be there will move in a funny way and in certain cases you might even to force the mouse to move it. They only are going to dislodge the dirt. If you are not able to remove it completely then more trouble appears to be in store. For a mouse to be in the perfect condition you would have to clean it regularly. A lot of people think that it would be a very difficult process. But this does not seem to be the case as a simple damp cloth, a cotton swab or tweezers would be the need of the hour.

You might have to clean the ball of a mouse because blockage takes place it would go on to restrict the movement of the mice. You have to take the ball to clean it in a proper manner. Let us get into the details of the process first and foremost

  • You would need to disconnect the computer when you are pulling out the cable. It all depends upon the type of mouse as you might have to even switch it off
  • It would be under the mouse that the ball situates itself and you have to take an anti-clockwise approach. You will be able to open it and then clean effectively.
  • Just apply some alcohol on the ball and it would be better if you rub the ball with it. The dirt would slowly taper off. Any particle that is stuck on the wings you can use a cotton swab and remove it. To remove the dirt you can also resort to the use of compression of air
  • Then screw back in relation to the closing of the mouse so that you can set up the mouse back to it.

Cleaning of an optical mouse

As a brand new one, the mouse would go on to function. The reason being that there would be no sort of a ball part that you cannot disassemble. At the point of LED dirt would be there that you would have to clean it.


  • Simply unplug it and disconnect the mouse from the computer
  • Once again take some cotton swab, pour in some alcohol and clean it
  • Once you are over with the cleaning, just take a cloth to dry the mouse and back to the computer you can reconnect it

You might have to acquire an optical mouse. Though it would be a bit difficult than a typical standard mouse it is easy to maintain and proves to be a worthy asset.