Reasons why eyelashes fall and time taken to grow back

There are many reasons behind the abnormal fall of the eyelashes. The protective layer of hairs on the rim of the eyelids tends to lose density when the hairs start falling abruptly. The normal fall rate is not alarming but you often panic when the lashes on your hand are more than you expect. The lids seem to be less dense when the lashes are falling at an alarming rate. The only question that arises during that time is whether the eyelashes will grow back or not and if does then how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back.

Reasons why eyelashes fall

The eyelashes are like natural hairs but have different features than the normal ones. One thing is common that they will grow and fall like natural hairs on the head do. It means that the older eyelashes will be eventually replaced by the newer ones and the process takes time.

There are many intermittent reasons that cause the fall of the eyelashes in an abrupt manner. Alopecia areata is a very big concern although its percentage of occurrence is very less. The eyelashes can fall because of scleroderma. As per the medical studies, the doctors also depict that the eyelashes also fall because of the problems in the thyroid gland. Sometimes, due to allergic reactions, trauma or infections, the eyelashes fall and void space occurs on the eyelids. The medical reasons behind the fall can be treated when known. The physicians suggest that frequent loss of eyelashes in a higher rate can be the symptoms of a latent physiological condition. This is why an individual must contact the doctors to check the symptoms immediately.

The cosmetologists suggest that the fall of eyelashes is quite normal. When you use a lot of makeup or heavy mascara and do not remove them properly, the eyelashes tend to react to these artificial chemicals. The application of the cosmetics and heavy makeup makes them weak and the roots get loose. Eventually, the eyelashes fall in a bunch that panics everyone.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

The eyelashes are the natural hairs present on the eyelids which mean that they will grow back for sure. Truth be told, the growth rate of eyelashes is not as fast as the hairs on the head. The lashes also go through the same phase like the normal hairs.

First, the growth of newborn eyelashes takes 14 days to gain full size. If the eyelashes are lost during this period, the birth of new ones will take more time. This phase is called Anagen Phase.

The time between the fall of an old eyelash and growth of a new one is four months to nine months. The longest phase is the resting period or the Telogen Phase when the eyelashes rest after achieving full growth.


Do not worry ladies. The void will be filled eventually within few months with luscious eyelashes. Just be patient and let nature do her work. In the meantime, refrain from rubbing your eyes vigorously while removing makeup. Be gentle with your eyelashes and eat healthy to keep them strong.