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Online business is growing day by day. You want to start your stuff or build a website of your choice; you are going to need space on the internet. Websites are just like a home, for a home you need to have a piece of land. Here, the land will be the storage provided by the hosting company where your data will be safe.

Web hosting is simply a service that will allow you to post your website or a web page over the internet so that people can see it.

Web Hosting Service In Pakistan

We provide unlimited hosting in Pakistan. Find your perfect domain name here.

You will need a domain name that will represent your website on the Internet. The .com domain is most common means its usage is extensive. Other domains names can be, .org, .net.

You want to write content for the people, you want to be a blogger, you want to start a business website, etc. Are you still wondering how you will do it? Think no more. We have great Hosting plans for the lowest price.

Start Building your website today.

Hosting Plans & Services

  1.    The Basic Plan

This Plan is for the beginners, but it does not mean it will not be good. You will have to do SEO etc. to make it rank on the first page of Google. Our job is to provide you with a storage and a name.

The basic plan includes the following

  •    Storage is unlimited
  •    Bandwidth is unlimited
  •    Only one domain hosting in this plan
  •    Email Accounts are also without limit
  •    Databases limitless
  •    Registration of domain=free
  •    Just in Rs.450/month
  •    Security level moderate
  1.    The Standard Plan

As compared to basic plan you will get a lot more in this scheme. This package is best for those who have experience and need/want multiple domains.

  •    Storage is without limit, Unlimited
  •    Bandwidth/Month limitless
  •    Unlimited Domain Hosting is Available
  •    Email Accounts Unlimited
  •    Databases also without limit
  •    Registration of domain=free
  •    Price Rs.600/month
  •    Security level Good
  1.    Professional Business Plan

If you are starting a new business online or need a new website for expansion of your business, the plan of activities is the best choice. The Business plan has a lot of perks and advantages.

  •    Domain Hosting is Unlimited
  •    Bandwidth/month is Unlimited
  •    Storage Capacity is Unlimited
  •    Unlimited Email Accounts
  •    Databases without limit
  •    Domain registration is free
  •    Dedicated IP, you will get your dedicated IP for free
  •    SSL Certificate, you will Get the SSL Certificate For Free
  •    Cost Rs.950/month
  •    Security Level Advance
  •    Free Data Backup
  1.     Free Domains:

  1.    Moneyback- Refund

A total refund of your money if the hosting services are not satisfying you. Rest assured! You will be totally satisfied.

Unlimited Hosting in Pakistan, Contact us 24/7 for any support or queries.

We offer best hosting plans, guiding you step by step if you are new to all this stuff.