VPS Hosting for Business [Windows/Linux] – VPS Servers in Pakistan

VPS hosting has a lot of advantages over the shared hosting. VPS has many perks when it comes to hosting. Shared hosting offers limitations of almost everything like disc space, bandwidth, etc.

VPS hosting is faster and more reliable. VPS is cost effective too. You will find shared hosting in cheap rates which cannot be trusted and also in high levels or price, but they will have limitations. On the other hand, VPS is cheap and offers a lot more than any shared hosting can provide.

VPS Offers the unlimited amount of data storage and a kind of extreme bandwidth rate per month. Your website will be more fast and reliable for the customers with the VPS.

Host your business domain now with the best VPS service in Pakistan, all your worries regarding all the issues you know will be no more with our hosting services.

VPS Servers in Pakistan

Virtual Private Servers are fast, but sometimes something unusual happens, and servers are not stable. Here, we offer full technical support, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

We offer some attractive packages of VPS hosting. Packages are listed below


The VPS-One package is for newbies. You will get to know and experience the environment of the VPS with this package. This package is a perfect recommendation for the beginners in online business or website owners.

The package includes

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2GB of RAM DDR3
  • 10GB of HDD space – Raid
  • 05TB of bandwidth per month, you will find most services offering bandwidth of 100GB, etc.
  • Price of the package is Rs.800/month


This second package is for people who have some real-time experience in the online market and business.

The plan includes the following

  • 1 Core CPU per cPanel, more speed plus performance
  • 4GB RAM DDR3, the more, the merrier
  • 20GB of Space – Raid
  • Bandwidth is 05TB
  • Price of the package Rs.2000/month


This package is a fantastic one, business owners, and webmasters will love this Package. The package is balanced, and it will suit your needs. Your expectations will become real.

The VPS-Three includes the following

  • 2 Core CPU per cPanel
  • 8GB RAM DDR3
  • HDD Space 40GB – Raid
  • Bandwidth is 05TB per month
  • Price of the Package Rs.3500/month


Finally, here we are, the super VPS-Four package. It is for the professional in business and webmasters. This package has all the advantages that a professional guy can need.

  • The package includes the following amazing features
  • 4 Core CPU per cPanel, a quad-core CPU providing immense power and speed
  • 8GB of DDR3 RAM, multitasking is smooth and steady without any issues
  • 100GB Raid HDD Space
  • 05TB of Bandwidth per month
  • Price of the super package is Rs.5000/month

You will be completely satisfied with our services because we offer the best VPS in Pakistan.

The Words will not alone be enough unless you get our Hosting, you will see the difference in performance clearly as compared to others.